F1 Film Budget Woes Pitt-Hamilton Project Stalls

F1 Film Budget Woes: Pitt-Hamilton Project Stalls?


Rumors circulate about financial struggles plaguing the Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton-backed F1 film.

Disturbing rumors suggest difficulties in securing the budget for the feature film on Formula 1 starring Brad Pitt and co-produced by Lewis Hamilton: fact or fiction?

Hollywood is abuzz with rumors, and according to the specialized magazine Puck, the F1 film is plagued by extravagance with skyrocketing costs.

The film’s budget would reach $300 million, one of the highest ever recorded in the industry, and delays in filming further complicate matters.

It is remembered that after a notable appearance at Silverstone last year, the “Apex GP” team for which superstar Pitt and actor Sonny Hayes race has not reappeared due to the strike that paralyzed cinema staff in the USA.

Filming timidly resumed in Daytona at the end of January during the 24 Hours, but the lack of communication from the production is poorly interpreted and there was no information during the recent Miami Grand Prix where Pitt was notably absent.

Let us note that the film still lacks a title and is sponsored by Apple, though no distributor has been announced, nor a release date: the footage already shot at Silverstone last year could quickly become outdated, especially considering that Hamilton, a close collaborator on the project, will move from Mercedes to Ferrari in 2025.

The exorbitant cost of the film would place it in the top 10 of the most expensive productions in cinema history, necessitating maximized revenue to hope for potential profitability.

F1 Film Budget Woes Pitt-Hamilton Project Stalls

F1 Film Budget Woes: Pitt-Hamilton Project Stalls?. F1 Film Budget Woes: Pitt-Hamilton Project Stalls?

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