Bottas' Engineer Swap Signals F1 Team Revamp

Bottas’ Engineer Swap Signals F1 Team Revamp


Bottas’ recent engineer change aligns with Stake F1’s strategic preparation for Audi’s 2026 integration.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi revealed that the change of engineer for Valtteri Bottas at Stake F1 marks the beginning of a reorganization related to the Audi project. The team representative disclosed that CEO Andreas Seidl has begun restructuring the team in preparation for Audi’s arrival.

“Andreas Seidl decided to anticipate some decisions and start implementing changes that will transition the current structure to the final structure we will establish in 2026,” explained Alunni Bravi.

“But we needed to start implementing these changes. This is not the final structure of the race team. Just as in Hinwil, it’s not the final structure of what the Audi F1 team will be and its organizational chart.”

“We wanted to start and Andreas Seidl decided to do it immediately. Because we believe we need to bring in a bit more experience, but also to bring in people who can have the know-how from other teams, top teams, and help us develop our processes, our analysis.”

The change was tested during a Pirelli trial.

The change of engineer for Bottas is not related to the signing of Nico Hülkenberg, as the changes had begun earlier: “Of course, it’s now up to us to integrate the new engineer, and also, of course, to create, establish a good working relationship, but also a personal relationship between Valtteri and the race engineer.”

“We discussed it with Valtteri after the race in China. A meeting took place immediately after the race. Steven Petrik was already Valtteri’s race engineer in Suzuka during the two days of Pirelli testing.”

“And we decided to anticipate this change. Of course, when you make a decision, you can always make a good or a bad decision – and only time will prove if we made the right decision.”

“There was no link between the change of race engineer and the announcement of Nico. It was just one of the first steps we wanted to implement, to get a new organization in place as quickly as possible, including within the race team.”

Bottas’ Engineer Swap Signals F1 Team Revamp. Bottas’ Engineer Swap Signals F1 Team Revamp

Bottas' Engineer Swap Signals F1 Team Revamp
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