Lando Norris' Dad Targets F1 Championship Goal

Lando Norris’ Dad Targets F1 Championship Goal


Adam Norris reveals the next ambition for McLaren’s Lando Norris after his first win: targeting the prestigious Formula 1 World Championship title.

Adam Norris, father of Lando, is elated that his son has finally achieved the Formula 1 Grail by securing his first victory. The McLaren F1 driver clinched his first win after more than 100 races at the pinnacle of motorsport, but his father reveals the actual number of races his son has contested.

“It’s been a long time coming, I think everyone says that! It’s incredible, you see 110, but I did the math, it’s probably about 900 races I’ve attended over the last 16 years, it’s been long, but here we are,” Norris’ father told Sky Sports.

“It’s wonderful, other fathers, Lewis’s father just sent me a message… we’ve been through a lot and it’s interesting to get to know the other parents, to know how many hours you spend supporting them. I’ve counted 350 weekends, with several races each weekend. But I’m so happy for him.”

Adam Norris notes that each step to the top is tough, and he reveals his son’s next goal: “It takes a lot of time, everyone thinks it happens overnight, but it’s a long journey.”

“It’s just the joy of getting there when at one point you think it’s so far away. When you start, you think ‘will I ever make it to Formula 1? When you get to Formula 1, you wonder if you will ever win a race. So it’s nice, it’s incredible.”

“People don’t realize there are many bad days along with the good days and after five years, you think it’s over, it’s too much, too many weekends away from home, away from family. But it’s worth it, the game is worth the candle. But there’s still one thing to do: become world champion!”

Lando Norris' Dad Targets F1 Championship Goal

Lando Norris’ Dad Targets F1 Championship Goal. Lando Norris’ Dad Targets F1 Championship Goal

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