Verstappen Reign End 2024 Zak Brown Bets on Hamilton Win

Zak Brown Bets on Hamilton’s Win, Sees End to Verstappen Era


Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren F1, foresees an end to Max Verstappen‘s reign this year. He predicts a significant tightening in the competition, owing to the work his team has done, and places his bets on Lewis Hamilton clinching the world title in 2024.

“We like what we’re seeing in the wind tunnel and with CFD, so we believe we’re poised for a step forward. How big will that step be?” Brown muses, proposing a theory.

“The big mystery with Red Bull is pinpointing when they stopped their car’s development to focus on 2024, and I think they did it quite early. We just have to wait and see how much magic Adrian Newey can pull out of the hat, to gauge where we stand.”

“At the same time, teams like Mercedes or Ferrari… they have everything they need and are formidable teams. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mercedes suddenly comes back and we see Lewis win his eighth world championship.”

The American praises the tightening of the pack observed last year behind Verstappen: “I believe it’s all going well. This is the most competitive Formula 1 I’ve ever seen. For the first time in Formula 1 history, there are five teams with seven or more podiums.”

“Teams that are ninth or tenth in the championship are making it to Q3, not regularly, but often enough. In the old days of Formula 1, teams at the back of the grid were three seconds behind. Now, the entire grid is within one second.”

“Therefore, I don’t think Formula 1 has ever been as competitive as it is now, and I believe it’s going to get even more so. Once some of us catch up with Max, Formula 1 will be unlike anything we’ve experienced before.”

Verstappen Reign End 2024. Verstappen Reign End 2024

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