Horner on Verstappen's Privileges

Horner on Verstappen’s Privileges Similar to Hamilton’s


Horner Acknowledges Verstappen’s Privileges at Red Bull, Similar to Hamilton’s Role at Mercedes. He compares Max Verstappen’s influential role at Red Bull to Lewis Hamilton’s at Mercedes, acknowledging privileges for star drivers based on their significant contributions and success.

The team principal of Red Bull Racing, has recently discussed the influential roles of star drivers within their respective teams, drawing parallels between Max Verstappen at Red Bull and Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. Horner believes that Hamilton holds more sway at Mercedes compared to his teammate George Russell, a situation reminiscent of Verstappen’s position relative to Sergio Perez at Red Bull.

Despite Perez’s apparent subordination to Verstappen’s dominating presence, Horner notes that the disparity in influence between them is not as pronounced as it is at Mercedes.

Horner concedes that “certain privileges” are granted to drivers who deliver results, as seen with Verstappen and previously with Hamilton before Red Bull began to overshadow their rivals. “It’s inevitable in any sport,” explains Horner.

Horner Discusses Verstappen’s Advantages, Comparable to Hamilton’s

“Max joined us in his late teens and is now a world champion. The same is happening with Lewis Hamilton. He is now the most titled driver of all time. He will naturally have more influence within his team than his teammate, given his significantly greater value to the team.”

Horner emphasizes the importance of maintaining control over such situations. While acknowledging that privileges are granted to star players, he stresses that they are still part of a team and need its support. Horner warns against the potential pitfalls of a prima donna attitude, which can overshadow the team’s collective efforts.

“A world champion cannot achieve what he wants without having the team behind him, without having the tools. And that’s where it’s about striking that balance, being respectful of the status they’ve achieved, but also recognizing that you’re part of a team, needing all the other elements to play your part.”

This statement from Horner sheds light on the nuanced balance of power within Formula 1 teams, particularly between star drivers and their teammates, and underscores the importance of teamwork in the sport.

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