Verstappen Red Bull Sports Ban

Verstappen’s Red Bull Ban on Risky Sports Lifted


Max Verstappen‘s restriction on dangerous sports by Red Bull is over, marking a new chapter in the champion’s training regime.

The ban imposed by Red Bull on Max Verstappen from participating in “dangerous sports” appears to have ended.

It was just before Christmas that the three-time world champion admitted that the contractual prohibition against him skiing and engaging in other risky activities was “sad”.

“You can also slip in the shower and break your neck. There are risks in everything,” he had said at the time.

However, the 26-year-old driver conceded during the RB20’s unveiling that he had intensely prepared for this year’s record-setting 24 Grand Prix calendar – with a brand new coach.

The Dutchman’s former coach, Bradley Scanes, resigned to spend more time with his family, leading Verstappen to poach Carlos Sainz’s trainer, Rupert Manwaring.

“I also went back to skiing for the first time in years.”

“Of course, I was careful and didn’t stray from the slopes. But I feel fit and am already enjoying working with Rupert a lot. I don’t like training, but I know I have to do it and I try to make it as fun as possible.”

Verstappen stated that Manwaring took him “out of his comfort zone”, opting to train in warm countries during the European winter.

“He has already worked in Formula 1, so he knows what a driver needs. I’m used to certain things, so is he, so you look together at what’s best.”

“We started working with that mindset, applying and adjusting things to get a good training program. I’m in shape.”

Verstappen Red Bull Sports Ban. Verstappen Red Bull Sports Ban


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