McLaren Quest for Victory

McLaren Aims Higher Than 2nd: Quest for F1 Wins


McLaren Racing, led by CEO Zak Brown, targets Grand Prix victories in 2024, moving beyond their series of 2nd places to fulfill higher ambitions.

McLaren has already achieved impressive results in 2023, but so far, Red Bull has dominated the top spots… except in Singapore.

The American asserted that McLaren must aim for victories at some point in 2024 (read here), but is that truly realistic?

Red Bull is expected to remain a leading force with its RB20, even as they anticipate stronger competition.

“I don’t think my ambition is far from reality,” he replied when asked if his goal to win in 2024 might be disappointed.

“The prospect of McLaren returning to the path of Grand Prix victories is definitely there. Of course, we’ve had another good off-season, but you never know what the other nine teams have done.”

“We certainly have drivers capable of winning races, and we definitely have a team capable of winning races, and in the latter half of last year, we had a race car that was quite close to winning races.”

“We’ve built a faster F1 during the off-season, so we’ll have to wait and see, we don’t know what the other teams have done, but winning is certainly our ambition.”

“Second places were great last year, but we’ve had enough of them to no longer be satisfied and are ready to take the top step.”

McLaren Quest for Victory F1 2024. McLaren Quest for Victory F1 2024.


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