McLaren Racing 2024 Victories

McLaren Eyes 2024 Victories with Enhanced MCL38


Under Zak Brown’s leadership, McLaren Racing aims for 2024 victories, banking on its continued development momentum and the promising MCL38.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, is confident that the team has maintained its development pace from last season and believes that victories are possible in 2024.

The Woking-based team produced one of the most remarkable mid-season turnarounds last year after starting off struggling with a highly uncompetitive MCL60.

However, the introduction of a phased upgrade program over the summer propelled McLaren to the front of the pack, with the team securing a total of nine podiums.

Unlike its rivals Ferrari and Mercedes, McLaren has been able to rely on a car concept it understands heading into 2024 with its MCL38 launched yesterday.

Brown revealed that the data looks promising and should position McLaren well to start the season on an even stronger footing.

“We feel good. It’s been a good winter, we’re happy with the development. I’m never quite satisfied, but I think all the men and women at McLaren have done a fantastic job.”

“It feels like we have continued our development pace from the second half of last year. So, as long as the data is accurate, I think we should start off quite strong.”

“Of course, you never know what the competition is doing. But we definitely feel like we have made a step forward.”

McLaren Targets Victories with Continued Growth

While a Grand Prix victory remained elusive for McLaren amidst Red Bull’s dominance in 2023, Brown is convinced that if his team can continue to improve at the same rate as last season, victories are possible for Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri.

“It is our ambition this time, not our expectation, because at the end of the day, you don’t know what the competition has done, and nobody stands still.”

“Our hopes, our goals, our ambition is definitely to make a step forward. We finished fourth in the championship last year, but during the second half of the year, we were the second or third fastest team depending on the tracks. Therefore, our ambition is to build on that.”

“We see no reason why, if we continue at this rate of development, we couldn’t win races at some point during the year. So, you know, many podiums and a few wins are certainly our ambition. Time will tell if we are fast enough and what the competition has done.”


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