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Verstappen’s Off-Track Formula: Gaming & Friends


Max Verstappen shares his unique off-track formula, merging high-stakes Formula 1 racing with relaxed gaming sessions and time with friends.

In addition to currently dominating Formula 1, Max Verstappen indulges in spending a significant portion of his time playing and streaming on Twitch, including during Grand Prix weekends.

This was once again the case in the days between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Numerous hours spent in front of a PC and a console that accompany him on his travels, sometimes even after free practice sessions or on the eve of the race!

“It’s true, but I mean, I just stayed a bit on European, or even British, timing. So I went to bed around 4 in the morning and woke up late, that explains it!”

His teammate, Sergio Perez, teased him: “He’s training too much! We should get him a Disney+ subscription instead!”

“I actually have one!” Verstappen replied. “The thing is, of course, you know I have my own sim racing team, so naturally, I hang out with it when I can. And it’s also a bit of relaxation.”

“I don’t have my whole setup here, with the steering wheel, the seat… I drive with my controller, so it’s just fun. I just don’t need to think about Formula 1 all the time, but need to be simply with friends.”

“Whenever I can, I do it. And, yes, when I woke up on the morning of the race in Jeddah, I had an hour free, so I just logged in and had some fun.”

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