F1 Wolff Ben Sulayem Probe

Wolff Calls for Transparency in F1 Governance


In a fresh F1 controversy, Mercedes’ Wolff addresses the FIA’s scrutiny of President Ben Sulayem amid accusations and the sport’s quest for transparency.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes F1 Team Principal, is among several team bosses to have commented on the FIA’s investigation into President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the latest off-track saga the sport finds itself embroiled in.

Ben Sulayem was accused on Monday, March 4, by a whistleblower of attempting to influence the race stewards’ decisions during the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix – where Fernando Alonso initially received a 10-second penalty for an infringement while serving a five-second penalty – a second time penalty subsequently annulled following Aston Martin F1’s right to review.

The following day, March 5, the FIA issued a statement in response to new allegations surfacing, claiming Ben Sulayem had ordered officials not to certify the Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit before its inaugural race last year.

The Board wrote that a “compliance officer has received a report detailing potential allegations involving certain members of its governing bodies.”

Wolff was asked to comment on this latest controversy within F1.

“What is currently happening in the sport in these different situations… we don’t exactly know what happened, I want to say that… but the negative criticism we receive concerns the lack of transparency.”

“We live in a world that expects transparency and understanding, and in some cases, that would only resolve the situation. Even if the rumors turn out to be false.”

“As a sport, we should strive to achieve this, but we will see what the outcomes will be.”

F1 Wolff Ben Sulayem Probe. F1 Wolff Ben Sulayem Probe


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