Vasseur We Can Compete with Red Bull

Vasseur: ‘We Can Compete with Red Bull’


Following Ferrari’s one-two finish, Director Fred Vasseur celebrates a weekend where the team outshone rivals on every front.

Fred Vasseur expressed his delight after the race that saw his team, Ferrari, secure a one-two finish. The Scuderia director praised a successful weekend during which his team excelled in every aspect.

“I think it was more than just a good race; it was a great weekend,” Vasseur told Canal+. “We started off well on Friday, showing strong performance on both sides of the garage, which fostered a good competitive spirit.”

“It was going well for a single lap, it was going well on Friday afternoon during the long runs, so we built our weekend from the start. We had four very good stops, solid strategies, and everything went smoothly. When we get everything in order, we can compete with Red Bull, and that’s a good example for us.”

He revealed that he primarily focused on Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc when Max Verstappen encountered his issue: “I’m thinking about my cars, focusing on tire management. We were worried about Carlos pushing the tires in the initial laps since it wasn’t the plan, but it all worked out well.”

The Frenchman is reassured to see that Sainz is honoring his commitments in his final year with the team: “We both committed to giving our all until the last corner of the last lap of the last race, and I’m glad he’s motivated.”

“It’s important for us to have two competitive cars to maintain that competitive spirit if we want to beat Max. We need to keep this up, and it’s important for him, and for Charles as well. We discussed this extensively before the season started, and I’m pleased he’s on board with it.”

Vasseur: ‘We Can Compete with Red Bull’. Vasseur: ‘We Can Compete with Red Bull’


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