Sainz's Victory Shakes Up F1 Driver Market

Sainz Triumphs, Eyes Future Amid Uncertainty


Carlos Sainz’s recent win in Melbourne places him prominently in the F1 driver market, challenging Red Bull’s dominance and stirring speculation about his future.

Carlos Sainz made a definitive statement in his favor in the driver transfer market with his victory at the F1 Australian Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver – with victories last year in Singapore and now in Melbourne – has won the only two Grand Prix that Red Bull has failed to claim since Abu Dhabi at the end of 2022.

Sainz is set to lose his Ferrari seat to Lewis Hamilton next year and remains uncertain about his 2025 destination. This victory positions his name higher on the list for teams like Mercedes F1 or Red Bull, should he not move to Audi F1.

“You can’t imagine how proud I am.”

“You know how difficult my year started – the non-renewal of my contract, setting up good pre-season tests, the podium from the first race, I was ready to fight this year.”

“Then, appendicitis, another low. And then suddenly, you come back and win.”

Asked if this result could help him secure a contract for 2025, he responded: “I’m still unemployed for next year!”

“I know that given a good car, I can make it happen. I’ve proved it in Singapore and here. I’m happy. I’m very happy with the car today.”

But does this boost me? I don’t know. Of course, it doesn’t hurt. That’s for sure 100% so I guess it will help. Everyone knows more or less what I’m capable of. I race for myself. I race to keep proving to myself that I can win whenever I have a competitive car and whenever there’s a chance to win over a weekend.”

“I’m not racing to prove to team principals or people my worth. I race to prove to myself that given the car, I can make it, and I can be right up there, you know, and that’s the mentality and approach I have and will continue to have for the rest of the year.”

Sainz also praises his team for enabling him to achieve this.

“Ferrari is also more structured. We’ve made a lot of progress with the car, but also with race execution and over a weekend.”

“It’s a stronger team than one or two years ago. I’m happy with these improvements. I will maximize this year to try and collect as many podiums and victories as possible, then see where I go from there.”

Sainz’s Victory Shakes Up F1 Driver Market. Sainz’s Victory Shakes Up F1 Driver Market


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