Turkish F1 Grand Prix Return Ben Sulayem Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey Eyes F1 Grand Prix Return with High Hopes


In a pivotal meeting, FIA’s Ben Sulayem and President Erdogan explore the revival of Turkey’s Formula 1 Grand Prix, aiming for a grand comeback.

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has discussed the potential return of the Turkish Formula 1 Grand Prix with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

During talks on motorsport in Turkey, including the World Rally Championship, the two officials deliberated on a full-time comeback of the Grand Prix, which initially debuted in 2005.

The race was removed from the calendar after the 2011 season, but made a comeback during the COVID-19 affected seasons of 2020 and 2021, with Lewis Hamilton securing his seventh world title at the 2020 edition.

F1’s Turkey Talks

Despite discussions between Ben Sulayem and Erdogan, any decision on a return to the Istanbul Park circuit will be made by Formula 1 itself, as the holder of the commercial rights.

“It was a pleasure to meet President Erdogan. Our talks covered a range of subjects. We discussed the possibility of a return for Formula 1 and the WRC to Turkey.”

“Istanbul Park is a modern circuit that enjoys popularity among drivers, while the city of Istanbul is a thriving metropolis that would welcome the return of Formula 1 with open arms.”

“President Erdogan also acknowledges the significant economic and cultural impact that world-class motorsport – Formula 1 and WRC – brings to the country.”

“TOSFED, our member club in Turkey, has extensive experience in organizing and managing major motorsport events. If the stars align, we could see the return of these two world-class events to Turkey.”

To facilitate the return of F1 to Turkey, new promoters have been appointed for the Istanbul Park circuit, with a clear directive: secure an agreement with the FOM within a matter of weeks, or their mandate will be revoked.

Turkish F1 Grand Prix Return. Turkish F1 Grand Prix Return.


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