Mercedes F1 Saudi Redemption 2024

Mercedes F1 Eyes Redemption in Saudi Arabia


Mercedes F1 is set to unveil the W15’s full potential in Saudi Arabia, following a challenging race in Bahrain.

In Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell experienced significant slowdowns (an average of half a second per lap) due to poor cooling choices. Without these issues, their pace would have been closer to that of Red Bull and, notably, Ferrari.

“Our race in Bahrain was disappointing,” admits Toto Wolff, Mercedes F1 Team Principal.

“We had hoped for a stronger showing after our test and qualifying performances. Both drivers were pleased with the balance earlier in the weekend and the more stable platform provided by the W15.”

“Unfortunately, our cooling decisions made on Saturday evening did not align with our expectations. This forced us into a management mode from the start, leading to tire temperatures falling below the optimal range.”

“This cost us the chance to showcase our true potential. It was a frustrating way to start the season, but we are learning from it.”

“We have the opportunity to make an immediate improvement. Jeddah is a street circuit with many high-speed sections. It will be good to continue learning with the new car on a track that’s very different from Bahrain. We aim for a more consistent weekend to understand our true performance relative to the rest of the grid.”

“It will also be exciting to see the F1 Academy featured in the support bill in Saudi Arabia for its inaugural race. For the first time, we’ll be involved as a team. We’re eager to see our junior driver Doriane Pin in action and look forward to supporting the championship throughout the year.”

Mercedes F1 Saudi Redemption 2024. Mercedes F1 Saudi Redemption 2024.


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