Stake F1 Season Goals ambitious goals for 2024

Stake F1 Aims High in F1, Targets Key Rivals in 2024


Stake F1 sets ambitious goals for 2024, aiming to surpass direct rivals and improve their championship standing.

Stake F1 sets its goals for the upcoming season. Alunni Bravi names the competitors he wants to beat in 2024. Alessandro Alunni Bravi, the team representative for Stake F1, expects the team to be closer to its direct Formula 1 competitors than in previous years.

The team finished ninth in the constructors’ championship last year and seeks to improve its standing, after a lackluster season where most of the C43’s developments failed to deliver the expected performance.

Technical director James Key explained during the presentation how the team has taken a new approach with the C44 by adopting design features similar to those of Red Bull and McLaren.

Alunni Bravi Aims to Surpass F1 Rivals

With an F1 car expected to offer more performance improvement opportunities, Alunni Bravi anticipates the team will close the gap with teams it failed to challenge last year.

“We expect strong competition, perhaps even tighter. Of course, what we are targeting is not Red Bull. We want to be competitive with Williams, Racing Bulls, Haas, those are our direct competitors and we want to beat them,” Alunni Bravi stated.

“We are not satisfied with being 9th, we have to do a better job and improve our position in the Constructors’ Championship.”

Alunni Bravi also admitted that catching up with Red Bull would be a challenging task by 2026 for the other top teams.

“We’ve seen that when there’s stability in terms of regulations, there’s a convergence in terms of performance.”

“Also, in the second half of last year, in terms of lap times, all teams were very close. Red Bull did an incredible job, they may have one of the greatest drivers of all time.”

“I think it’s difficult for a team to lose all its advantage in a single season so they will probably remain a benchmark, maybe more contested for victories. That’s what all of F1 hopes.”

Stake F1 Season Goals ambitious goals for 2024. Stake F1 Season Goals ambitious goals for 2024

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