Stake F1 C44 Launch

Stake F1’s C44 Launch: New Era and Bold Colors


The Stake F1 Team reveals the C44, its inaugural car in striking black and neon green, heralding a vibrant future and Audi’s anticipated arrival.

Stake F1 Team has unveiled its first-ever single-seater, the C44, which will sport the team’s new colors this season. Dressed in black and neon green, the car marks a two-year era leading up to Audi’s arrival, with team representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi commenting on the launch.

“It’s an exciting evening for everyone, with the C44 marking a new year, and we’re thrilled to start this new journey with you. Liberation isn’t just a word; it’s a concept,” Alunni Bravi stated.

“We aim to be innovative, we want to be fresh, it’s about culture, having the right mentality to be a better team. We want to adopt a clever approach that’s important. It’s something that will reflect across the team starting tonight.”

“We have a new team identity, a new way of communicating, presenting ourselves, speaking to our partners and fans. We don’t just want to be a challenger in F1, we want it to be visible.”

“We’re working hard to enhance our team operations, all areas have been addressed, and we’ll see in Bahrain the work others have done. But we need to do the work every day, from Bahrain until the end of the season.”

“Our goals are clear” for 2024

Alunni Bravi praised the team’s efforts, especially that of new technical director, James Key. It’s the first car the British engineer has worked on, albeit towards the end of the creative process, so his experience could aid Stake F1.

“The new car we revealed today, the C44, is a tribute to the work done by James Key and the technical team, as well as all the men and women at Hinwil, who have all contributed to the car we see today.”

“Attending the launch of a new car is always a special moment, even more so when it signifies the beginning of a new era for Stake F1 Team. We have a new identity and are excited about everything we’ve planned, on and off the track.”

“Today, however, is all about the C44 and its potential. We have confidence in this car and our team: we won’t talk about specific targets, as it’s always hard to commit to numbers, but our goals are clear: to improve the performance of our car and our package.”

“By together, I mean all areas, from the racing team to track operations, including pit stops and strategy: it’s much more than just the car’s performance.”

“We are determined in all departments to take this step, that’s the goal. We’ll then see where we stand throughout the season, but the main objective is to improve this year and do a better job than in 2023.”

“An Almost Entirely New Car”

James Key discusses how he became involved with the C44 project when he joined Stake towards the end of last year. The British engineer commends the effort by everyone at Hinwil in designing a car radically different from its predecessor.

“It’s always a pleasure to see a new car emerge from the factory. The C44 project was already underway before I joined the team,” Key said. “I joined in the middle of it, so I must acknowledge the team’s fantastic work.”

“The Hinwil team is incredible, the work atmosphere is good and positive, and everyone is eager to progress. Of course, designing and building a car like the C44 isn’t the work of just one person: it’s an immensely complex project, even more so today with the regulations we have.”

“The real key lies in managing this process, with the hundreds of people who worked hard to develop the car, design it, and ultimately build it. The C44 is practically an entirely new car, except for some carried-over areas at the rear of the car.”

C44: Ambitious Changes Transform Stake F1

“The team had to take an ambitious direction well before I joined: there are many mechanical changes, some of which are invisible, but others are very visible. The front suspension is entirely new, a challenging and ambitious project for a team of our size.”

“There are also many aerodynamic changes, as one would expect since that remains the main area of development – so, overall, the car will really be very different from last year’s.”

“We’ve taken a number of new and exciting directions, all of which seem to have some potential, and so we’re looking forward to seeing them on the track.”

He confirms that the first developments will arrive very quickly on the C44: “Modern Formula 1 requires being aggressive. We’re starting the season with an aggressive approach, we’ll have new parts for the first race, and it will be throughout the entire year.”

Stake F1 C44 Launch. Stake F1 C44 Launch . F1 2024 Stake F1 C44 Launch

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