Leclerc Ferrari F1 Comeback

Leclerc Aims for F1 Comeback with Ferrari in 2024


Charles Leclerc sets his sights on reducing the gap to Red Bull and reclaiming the Formula 1 world title with Ferrari.

Leclerc hopes to gradually return to the fight for the world title with Ferrari. The Monegasque driver primarily aims to catch up with Red Bull, which had a clear lead in 2023.

“Winning the championship is the only goal I have,” Leclerc told the Daily Mail. “I’m only happy when I win, second place is not my goal. But we also have to set realistic goals, although we’re always optimistic and try to do the best job possible.”

“We all want to win, but looking at our starting situation last year, Red Bull had a big advantage. So, we need to close the gap as much as possible. We’ll do everything within our power to try to make that step, that’s our goal to fight.”

“Many question marks”

The 2024 season must mark a true return to the forefront for Ferrari, after a disappointing end to 2022 and a 2023 season in the shadow of Red Bull. The initial numbers are encouraging, but Leclerc remains cautious until he has assessed the correlation with development.

“I’m very excited because there’s so much work going on right now. As I said, we started developing the new car several months ago, first virtually in the simulator at Maranello, then we saw the first physical parts.”

“I saw the car yesterday, not yet fully painted, but the first model. So that’s already when you start to get excited, before driving the car for the first time at the launch, which will take place next week, something I’m eagerly awaiting. There are a lot of question marks.”

“Of course, we’ve driven the car, but it remains to be seen in reality if everything matches what we felt in the virtual world and the simulator, which is normally the case when everything goes well. From now, I’m very eager for next week to try the car more.”

“With the technology we have now, it’s crazy how close it is, but there can be some correlation errors. We always try to get as close to reality as possible, but they’ve done an excellent job on this, so I’m sure it will be very similar to what I tried in the simulator.”

Leclerc Ferrari F1 Comeback 2024. Leclerc Ferrari F1 Comeback 2024.

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