Silverstone Woes Loom for Aston Martin F1

Aston Martin F1 Faces Silverstone Challenge


Aston Martin F1 braces for a challenging Silverstone GP. Team principal Mike Krack expresses concern over another potential failure, similar to the issues faced in Austria.

Aston Martin F1 is enduring a tough period, with insufficient results and assuming the role of the eighth force on the grid last weekend. Team principal Mike Krack assures that the team is doing its best to progress quickly, as they compete in their home GP this weekend.

“We knew Austria would be difficult and not suit the AMR24 – and that’s exactly what happened. We were never able to score points, neither in the Sprint nor in the race,” Krack said.

“It’s difficult, but ultimately, we must be honest with ourselves and admit that we haven’t done a good enough job developing the car; the upgrades haven’t delivered the performance they were supposed to, particularly after Imola.”

“Austria was a tough weekend, but we continue to learn a lot about the AMR24, which can only help us move forward. We are working around the clock at the AMR technology campus to develop the car and improve its performance.”

The Luxembourger doesn’t expect a better weekend in England: “Silverstone will be another challenge for the team – with its long high-speed corners, it is also unlikely to play to the strengths of the AMR24 – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for us.”

“We remain very focused and ready to seize any opportunities that come our way. We must be prepared to capitalize, the final laps of the Austrian Grand Prix remind us that anything can happen. Operationally, we have executed very well this season. Once again, our pit stops were very good in Austria.”

“We are on the right path. Performance-wise, we need to do better, but we know the steps to take. In the meantime, we will do everything in our power this weekend to give our fans something to cheer for at our home race.”

“We are all F1 fans.”

Aston Martin will be racing in front of its factory this weekend, which will allow them to have their fans nearby: “It will be a huge event. Nearly half a million people will be present over the three days. It’s fantastic to see such love for the sport and the team, and I am truly grateful to be a part of it.”

“Ultimately, we are all F1 fans, that’s why we do this. The love for this sport connects us all, whether you watch it or work in it, it’s essentially the same, and the atmosphere that the crowd creates throughout the weekend is the best of the year.”

“The weather should be dry on Saturday and Sunday, which is great news for the spectators in the stands. They are in for a treat, as seeing the F1 cars pushed to their absolute limit on the Silverstone circuit is something very special. This weekend, we have all the ingredients to deliver a fantastic show for the fans. Like them, I can’t wait!”

Aston Martin continues to develop its infrastructure, including after the move: “The scale of what we are building is remarkable. It’s a world-class facility for a world-class team.”

“We moved into Building 1 a few months before last year’s British Grand Prix, and it has been a game-changer for us. Everyone is within reach, communication is easier, facilities are better, there is a lot of natural light, and it’s simply a better way to work.”

“Those returning to Silverstone this weekend for the first time since last year’s British Grand Prix will be impressed by the progress made. Buildings 2 and 3 are nearly complete, and the wind tunnel will soon be operational. It’s an exciting time for the team, and I am very proud to be a part of what we are building here.”

Silverstone Woes Loom for Aston Martin F1

Silverstone Woes Loom for Aston Martin F1. Silverstone Woes Loom for Aston Martin F1

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