Sargeant FW46 pre-season challenges

Sargeant’s Rough Start Amid FW46’s Unveiled Potential


Logan Sargeant’s pre-season began with challenges, facing mechanical issues and the new FW46’s tests, yet remains optimistic.

Logan Sargeant faced a disappointing start to the pre-season with mechanical issues in his first half-day. The Williams F1 driver also noted that the FW46 presents different challenges, yet he is confident in its potential.

“I think we didn’t achieve what we wanted to. There were negatives but also positives, the car is very different and we had to deal with initial setbacks,” stated the American. “It was a necessary direction, and once we get there, it will be a better car. But I only did 11 laps and I’m eager to get back behind the wheel tomorrow.”

“There are balance issues, but it has eliminated the major problems we had last year, so it has changed the way the car balances through corners. We need to find the best way to tune and drive the car.”

Sargeant had a scare with a spin, but he avoided the worst and learned a lesson: “It was unexpected, I clipped the edge and the car went off very quickly! But I’ll know how not to do that tomorrow.”

He praised the day as promising: “The atmosphere is positive, everyone sees the potential. We’re not satisfied with the day, we missed some laps, but that’s how it is, we can’t control everything. We will have laps to make up for it.”

Sargeant FW46 pre-season challenges. Sargeant FW46 pre-season challenges


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