McLaren Bahrain Test Success

McLaren MCL38 Overcomes Early Hurdles in Bahrain Test


McLaren F1’s initial day in Bahrain saw early challenges, but the MCL38 found its pace, with Norris lauding the car’s performance.

McLaren F1 faced a challenging start to the first day in Bahrain, before the MCL38 consistently ran by late morning and into the afternoon. Lando Norris, taking the wheel for the second part of the day, expressed high satisfaction with his car.

“First and foremost, I’m thrilled to be back behind the wheel,” Norris stated. “Our initial test with the new car was thoroughly enjoyable, and it proved reliable, marking an overall positive day.”

“We focused on several aspects during the session, adhering to and effectively executing our plan as anticipated for testing. Two more extensive days of testing lie ahead, with plenty of areas for improvement and adjustments, yet everything is moving in the right direction.”

Oscar Piastri experienced some delays in the morning but was mainly pleased with the progress the MCL38 represents: “It was my first day of testing, and things went relatively smoothly. It was a solid day overall, and it felt great to be back on the track under representative conditions.”

“We’ll see what we can achieve during the remainder of the tests and aim for a thorough understanding of the car by the end. The car performed well, and I’d say there are a few changes from last year that are improvements. It’s a promising start, and I’m eager to get back in the car.”

Jose Manuel Lopez, McLaren’s test team manager, also drew a positive conclusion from the day: “The first day of testing went well for us. We covered a lot of ground with 130 laps on the board.”

“Both Lando and Oscar completed their programs. We started the day conducting aerodynamic grid tests and assessing the MCL38’s aerodynamic performance. In the morning, Oscar focused on adjustments, then in the afternoon, Lando concentrated on longer runs.”

“The car was reliable on the track throughout the day, and we managed to complete all planned runs. We’ve gathered a significant amount of data that we’ll review tonight in preparation for the next two days of testing. We’re all looking forward to hitting the track again tomorrow.”

McLaren Bahrain Test Success. McLaren Bahrain Test Success


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