Sainz F1 future clarification

Sainz Seeks F1 Future Amid Ferrari Exit News


As Carlos Sainz targets a swift F1 future clarification, his departure from Ferrari and potential team shifts spotlight his 2025 ambitions.

Carlos Sainz emphasizes that securing his future in Formula 1 as soon as possible remains his top priority.

Heading into the winter break last year, the Spaniard was adamant about having a new Ferrari contract in his pocket before the first race of 2024.

Ultimately, Ferrari informed him that he would be replaced by Lewis Hamilton for 2025.

When asked if this news had in some way liberated him for his final season with Ferrari, Sainz responded, “First and foremost, I want to sort out my future to be clear on where I’m heading – what comes next.”

“Obviously, they won’t rely on me much for car development, which allows me to focus solely and exclusively on getting the best out of myself.”

Already linked with Sauber-Audi, Mercedes, and Red Bull for 2025, the 29-year-old driver admits these three teams are genuine options.

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Sainz Uncertain, Eyes Future F1 Options

“Honestly, I don’t know when this will be resolved, as for now, the only thing we are doing is talking to everyone and trying to understand each team’s position in terms of availability and to see which project matches my needs and intentions.”

“I’ve stated that I wish to have an immediately fast car for 2025 or a promising project for the future. Both cards are on the table.”

“In an ideal case, I’m looking to be in a good position next year and in the future, but in fact, I believe that with the upcoming regulatory changes, it’s more important than ever to consider the future.”

Are Mercedes and Red Bull truly ready to welcome him? Sainz considers them both as viable options regardless.

“I think Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull are the three teams you know will be there next year, performing no matter what and even in 2026 because of their strength.”

“But I’m always looking beyond these teams because of the way F1 evolves.”

Beating his Ferrari teammate, Charles Leclerc, this year would significantly boost Sainz’s chances of securing a top seat.

“Carlos is very strong mentally, he never gives up, he’s always there and always strong,” says his fellow Spaniard Pedro de la Rosa, an ambassador for Aston Martin.

“And in my view, Leclerc seems to be struggling a bit more with the new car from what I’ve seen trackside and during the stints.”

Sainz F1 future clarification. Sainz F1 future clarification


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