Alonso F1 Future Negotiation

Alonso Eyes F1 Future: Strong Negotiation Position


Fernando Alonso, nearing the end of his Aston Martin F1 contract, positions himself strongly for future negotiations amid early market moves for 2025.

Like many drivers, the Spaniard’s contract with Aston Martin F1 expires this year, and he has been surprised to see how quickly moves for 2025 are happening.

While his preference is to remain with Aston Martin F1 (should the team continue to advance), Alonso has not ruled out a switch elsewhere. Mercedes F1 is on the lookout for a skilled driver to replace Hamilton, and Red Bull might be as well, if Perez no longer fits the bill.

“It was surprising to see the transfer market start so early. I was perhaps expecting some activity around the summer, but it kicked off very early. And there were some leaks.”

“Given their stature, teams like Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari probably need to announce their drivers earlier than others and sooner than anticipated. Mercedes has a spot open, as does Red Bull. So, following the Hamilton announcement, there will undoubtedly be more movement.”

“In my case, it’s very interesting because I believe I have a strong position from which to negotiate. But I want to at least go through the first two races without overthinking it.”

“I want to see myself in a new season, how I’ll cope with that. It’s going to be the longest season in Formula 1 history with 24 races. I’m looking to slightly alter the travel schedule and other aspects to be truly effective this year and arrive with much more energy at the year’s end.”

“So, some things that are my main focus now won’t be as much next year.”

Alonso F1 Future Negotiation. Alonso F1 Future Negotiation


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