Russell Flooded with Calls for Hamilton's Mercedes Seat

Russell Flooded with Calls for Hamilton’s Mercedes Seat


In the aftermath of Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari move, the quest for his Mercedes seat intensifies, spotlighting George Russell’s pivotal role. The race to replace Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes F1 is heating up!

And what better way to polish one’s resume than by attaching a letter of recommendation from George Russell, the team’s other principal driver?

Following the announcement of Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, George Russell indeed reveals having received several interested phone calls. ‘Can you recommend me to Toto?’ Essentially, this is what some paddock figures have asked the young Mercedes driver…

“In the end, the decision lies with Toto Wolff and the board of directors.”

“We’ve had discussions, and I’ve spent a lot of time with Toto this winter, so seeing drivers’ names pop up on my phone has been quite amusing.”

“I’ve even received a few calls and texts on my phone, which is quite interesting. As a team, we have a great opportunity and are in a very good position to start this new chapter, after so much success with Lewis and Mercedes, and move on to the next.”

George Russell says Toto Wolff will be the sole decision-maker: does this mean he won’t be consulted?

Who would he like as a teammate? A world champion like Fernando Alonso, or someone more like Alexander Albon?

“The next few months will be interesting to see what happens. For my part, I’ve been teammates with the greatest driver of all time for the past two years, and I’m not worried at all about who will be by my side. I want to be tested against the best.”

“I think that’s what I’ve done these past two years. Whether it’s an experienced driver or a young driver, I’m personally well placed to help the team move forward and start this new chapter.”

Russell Seeks Harmony, Not Rivalry

However, George Russell warns Toto Wolff: he does not want an enemy in the car… is he hinting at Fernando Alonso here?

“For any team, it’s good to have harmony between the drivers because it affects all the engineers and the entire team. But as I said, the decision ultimately comes down to Toto and Mercedes.”

Mick Schumacher, Mercedes’ reserve driver, continues to defend his chances of replacing Hamilton, hoping also to “impress” influential figures with his Alpine seat in the World Endurance Championship and at Le Mans this year.

“Of course, I’m aware that Lewis’s seat will be available. I’m sure Mercedes knows what I can do. I hope the Formula 1 dream becomes a reality for me again.”

As for Sebastian Vettel, his younger brother Fabian – also a racing driver – downplays rumors that the four-time world champion would be ready to leave a comfortable retirement to return to F1.

“I’m not in a position to speak for Sebastian. And I don’t doubt a certain desire, the appeal, and his capabilities. But it wouldn’t fit into his current life goal. Sebastian left at that time for another purpose. And 24 races are a lot.”

Is Mercedes losing its edge?

Lewis Hamilton’s departure, along with Loïc Serra’s (both to Ferrari), no wins last year… Is Mercedes experiencing a relative decline due to a loss of attractiveness?

For George Russell, this is clearly not the case – not yet?

“So far, the team’s dynamics haven’t changed at all. I think everyone is professional, we all have our jobs to do.”

“The engineers are simply motivated to try to develop the fastest car possible, and Lewis is always motivated to do the best job possible. So within the team, it seems like nothing has changed.”

Russell Flooded with Calls for Hamilton’s Mercedes Seat. Russell Flooded with Calls for Hamilton’s Mercedes Seat

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