F1 Drivers Slam Three-Day Pre-Season Test Limit

F1 Drivers Slam Three-Day Pre-Season Test Limit


F1 drivers criticize the limited three-day pre-season testing, echoing Fernando Alonso’s concerns over inadequate preparation time.

Two other Formula 1 drivers have backed Fernando Alonso’s claim that only three days of pre-season testing with a single car for a two-driver team are “ridiculous.”

“We’re talking about the most demanding sport, with budgets of $200 million per team per year. It seems ridiculous,” said the Aston Martin F1 driver yesterday.

When asked about Alonso’s comments, Williams driver Alex Albon said it’s clear that F1 has limited testing “to make things a bit fairer” for smaller teams.

“On the other hand, we don’t have the budget at all for an old F1 test car,” he stated, referring to how regulations allow teams to run outside the official calendar with cars that are two years old.

F1 Winter Testing Inequality Criticized

“While other teams might run a bit during the winter months, Wednesday was my first day in a Formula 1 car since Abu Dhabi. It’s not fair. So, there needs to be something in the rules to allow us more testing and get all teams on an even level.”

The three-day schedule means drivers typically have a maximum of one and a half days of driving in their 2024 cars before the season’s opening race.

“Assuming the test goes smoothly,” said George Russell, “one and a half days per driver is the absolute minimum.”

When asked if the GPDA would put forward proposals to the teams and the FIA, Russell admits, “we haven’t put it on our agenda, but it would be good to discuss it among ourselves.”

“The idea of having at least two cars available at the same time would be a good compromise.”

F1 Drivers Slam Three-Day Pre-Season Test Limit. F1 Drivers Slam Three-Day Pre-Season Test Limit


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