Hoffman Audi F1 Exit

Audi F1 Turmoil: Hoffman’s Exit Casts Doubt on Future


A new report from Germany suggests Oliver Hoffman may leave Audi, stirring concerns about the F1 project’s continuity under CEO Gernot Dollner’s leadership, despite Audi’s commitment to staying the course.

This Thursday, a new rumor has surrounded the Audi F1 project, which has been cast into doubt again following reports from Germany suggesting that Oliver Hoffman is set to leave the company.

Hoffman, the technical director of the Audi F1 project, and his rumored departure, as reported by Bild and Handelsblatt, indicated that Gernot Dollner, the new CEO of Audi, might be considering dismantling the project, potentially leading to its cancellation.

Dollner’s arrival had already cast a shadow over the project, given his public opposition to motorsport programs. Thus, Hoffman’s forthcoming departure could be a further step in this direction.

When contacted by F1Lead.com, Audi sought to reassure, both regarding the fact that Hoffman’s departure is not related to professional matters, and that the project is not in jeopardy.

“We are surprised by the conclusions drawn by some,” the manufacturer responded. “Regarding rumors about Audi’s technical director, we do not comment on personal matters. However, as for our F1 project, we remain fully committed.”

Hoffman Audi F1 Exit. Hoffman Audi F1 Exit


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