Red Bull RB20 Strategy

Ricciardo: Red Bull Aims to Crush Rivals


Daniel Ricciardo shares insights on Red Bull’s aggressive strategy with the RB20, aiming for utter domination in the Formula 1 arena.

Daniel Ricciardo isn’t surprised that Red Bull has attempted to adopt a new concept with its RB20. The Australian driver explains that the team is not one to rest on its laurels, aiming to completely dominate its rivals.

“I feel like it’s a team that performs best when it’s winning,” Ricciardo stated. “I get the sense that when they win, it’s as if they want to utterly crush the competition.”

“It’s not as if they say ‘we’re winning, let’s go on vacation.’ It’s more like: ‘Let’s really step it up.’ I think that’s what they’ve done this year. After the dominant 2023 season, they are now rolling out a car that has impressed me.”

Ricciardo praises Red Bull’s approach, constantly striving to surpass itself, and names Adrian Newey, the RB20’s designer, as the driving force behind this motivation: “I feel like they’ve made the most changes in a way, and that’s saying something.”

Ricciardo Praises Red Bull’s Relentless Drive

“I love seeing Adrian near the car, and I don’t feel uncomfortable pointing out Adrian, because I know it’s not just Adrian, but he obviously plays a significant role. And that’s really cool to see.

“Whether I’m part of the family or not, as a fan, I love seeing this kind of relentless approach and response to such a strong year. I know fans watching the race from their couch are thinking ‘I want someone to challenge Red Bull this year.’ But you have to admire their approach.”

If Red Bull were to perform better than in 2023, the team would win every race. But Ricciardo doesn’t believe that: “It seems almost impossible. That’s due to the number of races there are, and whether or not there’s a wet race.”

“Teams have brought a new car for the season, and I’m sure it will still be capable of winning races, but I don’t know if it’s too early to be sure it will be as dominant as last year.”

“They will win races. I’m sure of that. But I wouldn’t go as far as to say they’ll be unbeatable. I think Formula 1 is too unpredictable. I think they’ll do very well, but yes, it’s too early to be confident.”

Red Bull RB20 Strategy f1 2024. Red Bull RB20 Strategy F1 2024


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