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Alex Albon’s Key F1 Advice from Franz Tost


Discover the crucial advice Franz Tost imparted to Alex Albon during his rookie F1 season, shaping his career approach.

Alex Albon revealed the best piece of advice he’s received in Formula 1. The Williams F1 driver explains that it was his boss at Toro Rosso, Franz Tost, who offered the most insightful advice during his first year.

“The best advice I got, at the start of my F1 career, was given to me by a team boss named Franz Tost,” he stated in the High Performance podcast. “Back then, the team was called Toro Rosso, and he’s an older man, but he’s been through it all. He’s the kind of person who gets his hands dirty.”

“He was talking to me about F1 when I was a rookie, and he said, ‘Alex, if there’s one thing you need to learn in F1, it’s to not give a damn.’ It sounds so simple, it doesn’t seem profound, but it’s true. I only really understood it when I went through tough times. That’s when you put yourself first and become selfish.”

Albon quickly understood what Tost meant: “That’s when I truly began to grasp what he was saying. Because back then, I thought I didn’t give a damn, but in reality, I was too worried about others.”

“I think I cared too much in the beginning. It was odd for a team leader to say that, because ultimately, he wants you to care about the team, the team’s image, but he wasn’t like that. He said, ‘You put yourself first,’ and that’s it.”

Albon Tost F1 Advice. Albon Tost F1 Advice


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