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Verstappen Indifferent to Money for Winning Car!


Amid speculations, Max Verstappen’s potential move from Red Bull before 2028 ignites discussions in the F1 world.

Can Max Verstappen leave Red Bull Racing to join another team before his contract ends in 2028?

The question arises after Toto Wolff, the Mercedes F1 team principal, admitted he would reach out to the three-time world champion to replace Lewis Hamilton.

For Dr. Helmut Marko, a Red Bull consultant, the possibility of Verstappen leaving is real but subject to several strict conditions.

“Like in any Formula 1 contract, there are clauses if certain quality of success criteria are not met. These are also included in Max’s contract.”

“I don’t think an incredible sum of money is a factor for Max. If the team can’t provide him a car capable of winning, he won’t be interested…”

“Of course, he’s interested in success as a racing driver. We don’t get any younger.”

“And if he doesn’t see the light with Red Bull and those criteria come into play, then it’s clear he’ll look around. But where would there be something better?”

So, it’s up to Mercedes F1 to prove they can return to the top and that Red Bull collapses. That’s far from the scenario unfolding.

At Red Bull, the main concern is about the second seat, occupied by Sergio Perez. The Mexican’s contract is ending.

“Perez has a contract for 2024, after that it will depend on him. If he races in a form similar to how he finished the last races of 2023, then we can easily talk about a new extension.”

“Otherwise, Daniel Ricciardo also needs to show that he has Yuki Tsunoda clearly under control. He could then be a candidate. When to decide? I would say after the summer holidays, that’s when we could finalize our considerations for 2025.”

Verstappen Red Bull Future. Verstappen Red Bull Future


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