Red Bull RB20 Shakedown

Red Bull RB20’s Early Shakedown at Silverstone


Ahead of its official unveiling, Red Bull’s RB20 undergoes an early shakedown at Silverstone. With Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at the helm, the team tests its evolution of the efficient RB19.

The Red Bull RB20 begins its shakedown at Silverstone. Red Bull is set to unveil its new RB20 this Thursday at 8 PM, but the team is already conducting its shakedown today at Silverstone.

The team had not announced this, but leaks have already emerged from the circuit with two videos posted on Twitter, as seen below.

Max Verstappen took the wheel first this morning, followed by Sergio Perez, with both drivers entitled to 200 kilometers during this promotional filming day. The primary aim is to debug the car and ensure everything operates as expected before heading to Bahrain for the private tests scheduled from February 21 to 23, ahead of the Grand Prix on March 2.

As the videos demonstrate, one should not expect a revolution, neither in terms of the car’s design nor its livery. As Christian Horner and Adrian Newey have consistently stated throughout the winter, the RB20 is an evolution of the already highly efficient and reliable RB19.

Horner was present at the shakedown and may also be at the launch.

Horner has been the center of attention since last week. The Red Bull group then confirmed to De Telegraaf and F1-Insider that it has initiated an independent investigation into Horner due to possible inappropriate behavior. The specifics of Horner’s alleged actions are not known. What is clear, however, is that he spent almost the entire day last Friday speaking with the external lawyer leading the investigation.

Horner will continue in his role during the investigation. According to De Telegraaf, Horner was present at today’s shakedown at the Silverstone circuit. The Briton merely caught a glimpse of the first meters of the new RB20 from the pit lane. The newspaper also reports that Horner plans to attend the RB20’s launch next Thursday. His role in the presentation is not yet known. The completion date for the independent investigation remains unclear. Last week, Horner stated he did not recognize the complaints.

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