Red Bull Feud Escalates Team at Risk of Division

Red Bull Feud Escalates: Team at Risk of Division


Amidst the Formula 1 season, Jos Verstappen’s comments about Christian Horner threaten to disrupt Red Bull’s harmony as tensions flare.

Here are statements set to ignite the paddock once again on Wednesday, back in Saudi Arabia, for the season’s second Grand Prix.

While Christian Horner stated after the race that he wanted to stay in his role, Jos Verstappen, father of the three-time Formula 1 world champion Max, claimed that Red Bull “will blow up” if Horner remains the team director!

Verstappen Warns of Explosion

He made these fiery remarks as one of Formula 1’s most toxic weekends concluded with his son’s crushing victory at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix.

“There will be tension here as long as he stays in position,” Verstappen Snr told Mail Sport.

“The team risks being torn apart. Things cannot continue this way. It’s going to explode. He’s playing the victim, while he’s the one causing problems.”

These are strong words as some still suspect that it was the Verstappen camp behind the leak of information on the ongoing internal investigation in early February when the Telegraaf revealed the affair.

Verstappen Denies Paddock Leak

Jos Verstappen also firmly denied that he was the source of sending the alleged evidence to 150 people in the paddock.

“The biggest nonsense! Why on earth would I do that? I only want one thing, and that’s for my son to be in a good place and to act in a calm environment. But instead, things are now on fire. It makes no sense. It helps no one, right? Especially not Max.”

Mail Sport reports that Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner had “a very big argument” in the team director’s office after the qualifications on Friday night.

This stance from Jos Verstappen is reportedly supported behind the scenes by his son, naturally. Observers have noted there was no joy in Max Verstappen’s arrival with Christian Horner. Likewise, the latter remained very measured in his qualifiers on the Dutchman’s race, although he is always one of the first to praise his driver’s exceptional performances.

There’s no longer any doubt with Jos’s words: the Verstappen camp desires a return to calm with Horner’s departure.

Red Bull Feud Escalates: Team at Risk of Division. Red Bull Feud Escalates: Team at Risk of Division


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