Horner's Tense Exit After Brief Bahrain Briefing

Horner’s Tense Exit After Brief Bahrain Briefing


Christian Horner’s abrupt departure from Bahrain, post a terse media session, spotlights mounting pressures amidst controversy.

Christian Horner left Bahrain after a very short and tense media conference!

Before Jos Verstappen’s comments on his desired departure were released to the press (read here), he acknowledged during his meeting with journalists that the “unwanted attention” directed at him in Bahrain was “not pleasant,” as the investigation by Red Bull GmbH into his conduct was followed by widespread dissemination of his inappropriate exchanges with his personal assistant.

“Obviously, it was not pleasant, due to some unwanted attention, but the focus is now on racing. I have concentrated on what happens on the track and the outcome of the Grand Prix, I believe, demonstrates where the entire team’s focus is, and we are moving forward.”

Unity Shines at Bahrain

Horner’s wife, Geri, was present in Bahrain, as was Red Bull’s majority shareholder, Chalerm Yoovidhya, while the team presented a united front during the season’s opening round.

When asked about the significance of their presence, Horner responded: “I received significant support within the team and the company. It was a day focused on racing, the start of the season, and how to start the season in the best possible way.”

“The drivers performed brilliantly, the team executed brilliantly, and it was the best possible start for the team, for our partners, for our shareholders, and for everyone within the group.”

Horner admitted that while discussions around the investigation have been detrimental to the sport, he cannot control the narrative surrounding it – though the complaints against him have been dismissed.

“I cannot comment on what people choose to write. I focus on the team, my family, and the people around me, and I have their full support, and for me, it’s about looking forward and moving on.”

Horner Refuses Leak Queries

Regarding the leak of supposed evidence sent by an anonymous email address on Thursday, Horner was questioned by BBC journalist Andrew Benson, the only one who dared to ask whether these pieces of evidence were real or not. The only response was a firm cutoff by Red Bull’s staff.

However, Horner did respond: “I am not going to comment on speculative anonymous messages from an unknown source.”

When asked if it bothered him that someone did not want to end the conversation around the investigation, Horner added: “I am not going to comment on a person’s motivations for doing that. I focus on this team, my family, my wife, and racing. I have the support of an incredible family, an incredible wife, an incredible team, and everyone within this team. My focus is on racing, winning races, and doing my best.”

Horner’s Tense Exit After Brief Bahrain Briefing. Horner’s Tense Exit After Brief Bahrain Briefing

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