RB F1 Technical Advances

RB F1 Team Makes Big Leap, Mirrors Red Bull Tech


RB F1, previously AlphaTauri, shows significant tech advances, aligning closely with Red Bull Racing’s innovative designs.

As some of their rivals feared, it appears that the RB F1 sister team, formerly known as AlphaTauri, has indeed made significant technical strides toward Red Bull Racing.

Yet, Red Bull distinguished itself with its RB20, unveiling a new car that incorporates key aspects of the abandoned Mercedes zero-pontoon concept.

The cooling vents are vertically placed along the cockpit, leading some to wonder if, during the private tests starting Wednesday, we might see a pontoon close to the Mercedes concept!

However, there’s also a suspicious number of similarities between the Red Bull 2024 and the new car unveiled by the RB team.

The nose of the VCARB 01 is just as sleek and profiled as that of Red Bull, and the pontoons have a similar overlap.

Since both features completely buck the trend, Red Bull’s rivals are already questioning how such an agreement between the sister teams could be possible.

F1 Teams’ Design Success Sparks Controversy

In both instances, these are components that are challenging to replicate. Passing the crash test with this nose design is an achievement – given that even Red Bull didn’t succeed on the first try.

The crash structure in front of the pontoons isn’t something that comes easily to designers either. Mercedes pioneered the trick of pushing back the pontoons to create space for the front area of the underbody, but given the car’s modest success, it wasn’t obvious to copy. The fact that two teams have now managed it inevitably raises questions since they’re not allowed to collaborate on designs, only on mechanical parts.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown has repeatedly condemned the increasingly close technical relationship between Red Bull Racing and RB, calling on the FIA to break up this model which no longer serves a purpose in an F1 where all teams are well-established.

RB F1 Technical Advances. RB F1 Technical Advances


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