Perez Verstappen Setup Strategy

Perez Adopts Verstappen’s Setup in 2024 F1 Chase


Sergio Perez aligns with Max Verstappen’s setup strategy for F1 2024, ditching experimentation for a unified Red Bull approach.

Following a strong start to the 2024 F1 season for Sergio Perez, Red Bull advisor Dr. Helmut Marko revealed that Perez now begins with the same setup philosophy as Max Verstappen, rather than “experimenting” as the Mexican did last year before becoming lost.

Perez faces considerable pressure as he seeks a new contract with Red Bull, a quest that has started ideally.

While Verstappen kicked off his season with consecutive victories in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, Perez played his part by ensuring Red Bull secured one-two finishes, as the RB20 clearly sets the pace in races.

Marko noted a key difference this time around, stating that Perez no longer experiments with his settings but instead starts with a base setup similar to Verstappen’s.

“This year, he’s not experimenting but starting with more or less the same base setup as Max. There are just a few nuances in the adjustments they ultimately make for qualifying and the race, to suit their individual driving styles.”

According to Marko, Perez prefers “good-mood cars.” At this point, Marko believes Verstappen’s ability to “better handle a nervous rear than anyone else” is the main difference in his favor.

“Checo is quick with ‘good-mood’ cars, as I like to say, cars that aren’t out to catch you at every turn. But ‘good-mood’ cars are rarely the fastest possible.”

“In 2022, the fact our car was overweight worked in his favor. As a result, it had a more forgiving nature with more understeer and a stable rear. But it wasn’t fast – Ferrari was actually faster in the first half of the season. It was only strategy and Charles Leclerc’s driving errors that tipped the scales in our favor.”

“Now, our car is very fast, and the fact that Max manages a nervous rear better than anyone else is due to his extraordinary talent and makes all the difference.”

Perez Verstappen Setup Strategy. Perez Verstappen Setup Strategy


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