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Ferrari First, Risks Second”: Leclerc’s Assurance


Ferrari’s aggressive racing strategy, especially evident at Monza and Bahrain, raises questions about risk versus control within the team.

Ferrari does not hesitate to let its drivers compete on the track, sometimes in a highly aggressive manner as seen at Monza last year, when a podium position was at stake, or at Bahrain at the start of this season.

Is this not taking unnecessary risks when Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are not contending for the victory?

The Monegasque aims to reassure and asserts that everything is under control at Ferrari, thanks to constant dialogue and a strong relationship with his Spanish teammate.

“We always try to compete to the limits, but with the clear understanding that Ferrari comes first and we cannot afford unnecessary risks.”

“From my perspective, I wasn’t really in a position to compete effectively at Sakhir since we were managing significant brake issues, but in the end, it’s about balance and sometimes we can push the boundaries and be a bit more aggressive.”

Emphasizing that the relationship within their duo is healthy, Leclerc added: “When there’s an intense battle, we then have a discussion and recalibrate, and that’s what we’ve done over the years racing together, but I can’t recall any instance where it escalated to a problem between us.”

“That’s a positive thing and it should remain so; I have no doubts about that.”

“We also maintain very good relationships off the track, so we are very open and honest with each other, and we have this discussion very often.”

Ferrari Racing Strategy. Ferrari Racing Strategy


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