Perez Shines in Red Bull After Unexpected Full Day

Perez Shines in Red Bull After Unexpected Full Day


Despite initial plans, Sergio Perez dominated the track in the Red Bull for an entire day, surpassing expectations at the Sakhir circuit.

Sergio Perez managed to spend the entire day behind the wheel of the Red Bull, an outcome not originally planned.

Indeed, the Austrian team decided to keep the Mexican driver on after encountering issues at the Sakhir circuit in the morning, shortening the morning session to extend the afternoon’s.

Perez clocked the second fastest time of the day, seven tenths behind Sainz’s Ferrari. However, it was the quality and consistency of his lap times during race simulation stints that impressed the paddock with 129 laps completed.

“It was unexpected to be in the car all day today, but brake problems and then track issues meant my first runs were cut short, so the team decided to extend my day, and I’ll be back in the car tomorrow morning before letting Max finish up in the afternoon.”

RB20: A Step Forward for Red Bull

“Overall, I think the RB20 is a step forward for the team, and we’re moving in the right direction. That’s even more reassuring as this track is challenging in terms of evolution here, from morning to afternoon, you have to deal with the settings and learn to understand these different settings because the track changes every time you go out. So, you have to rely a lot on your feeling, and it worked out well, I’m happy with it.”

“I worked this winter on understanding last season from a personal viewpoint, to start the season on an upward curve. You’re always learning and always wanting to improve, and it’s no different for me in 2024.”

For Gian Piero Lambiase, the head of race engineering, “it was another good day with solid mileage for the team.”

“The red flag this morning led us to modify the driver swap we had planned for after lunch, as it would have otherwise unfairly limited Checo’s first impression of the RB20.”

“We’re accumulating miles at a good pace, which is positive for reliability and system validation, and beyond that, Checo was able to continue adjusting the settings to his liking after taking over from the benchmarks set by Max from day one.”

“We still have a lot to analyze for tomorrow, and a final important day of testing.”

Perez Shines in Red Bull After Unexpected Full Day. Perez Shines in Red Bull After Unexpected Full Day


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