Perez F1 Family Inspiration

Perez: Racing Passion Fuels Dreams Beyond F1


Sergio Perez shares his enduring F1 passion and vision for inspiring his son, blending top-tier racing with family values.

Sergio Perez remains as passionate about F1, and the Mexican wishes to continue as long as possible. Whether with Red Bull or elsewhere, he hopes to be a concrete source of inspiration for his son.

“After every Sunday meeting with my engineers, I go home thinking ‘I love this,’ because being able to communicate with this level of engineering, with this level of drivers, working alongside Max, with the world’s best engineers, it’s just incredible,” he told The Athletic.

“I’m different. I’m different because I have a family, I have four kids, and I want to see them grow. When they reach a certain age, I want to be very present and enjoy them and take them to fight for their dreams, whatever they might be.”

“I want to be part of their dreams. I know I won’t always be there, but one of my sources of inspiration is that my youngest son can see me race. So, retirement is not on the horizon yet.”

As a child, he had no Mexican driver role models: “I dreamt of it, but for a 6-year-old Mexican kid, thinking about F1 was crazy. We didn’t have a Mexican driver in Formula 1.”

“It’s not like today. Today, Mexican kids start in karting and all want to go to Formula 1 because they see it’s possible. For me, it was very different.”

But Perez’s life isn’t all about Formula 1: “I got married during my career, had children, it’s something new and you start to know yourself a bit more. In the end, I find it very important to be able to disconnect from F1.”

“It’s a sport that demands to be at 100%. But once you become a father, you realize life isn’t just about Formula 1, or at least that’s what happened to me. It made me more human. Life isn’t about trophies and championships.”

Perez F1 Family Inspiration. Perez F1 Family Inspiration


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