Albon F1 Car Understanding

Albon’s Growth: Key to F1 Success Is Car Insight


Alex Albon highlights the importance of fully understanding an F1 car for a driver’s growth and performance enhancements each season.

Albon believes that understanding everything about an F1 car is crucial for progression and speeding up each season.

A key factor in a driver’s quest for the right pace is how they integrate with their machine, with experience playing a pivotal role.

This was something Albon lacked when he joined Red Bull mid-2019 season, only to stay for a season and a half before being replaced by Sergio Perez.

Albon’s Yearly F1 Improvement Insights

Since his F1 comeback with Williams in 2022, the Thai driver has made significant yearly improvements, earning him frequent mentions among the top drivers sought after in the transfer market.

When asked whether a driver can truly improve year on year, Albon told the Beyond the Grid podcast: “I agree.”

“I really think that’s the case. What I’ve discovered is my speed increases because I increasingly understand what I want in the car and how to achieve it.”

“So, I know how to set up a car. I know how to get the car into a good window. I understand how to manage tires in qualifying or race if they’re going in a certain direction – and if not good – I know how to fix it.”

Albon’s Mastery of F1 Nuances

“I also know in which areas I need to improve.”

“Thus, experience truly brings together a comprehensive understanding of what you need, what suits your driving style, but also the car’s limits, certain aspects you can’t fix, some you must simply overlook, and where you should focus your efforts on other more performant areas of the car.”

“You know, there might be a characteristic problem with a car that you could spend all day working on, but by doing so, you’ve worsened 10 other things.”

“So, this kind of appreciation for a car and this understanding have really brought me a lot, and I think it’s one of the most important things I’ve learned.”

Albon Discusses the ‘Patience’ Required Amid Williams F1 Progress

Alex Albon is content with his current situation, despite being part of a Williams F1 team still in transition. The Thai driver has led the outfit since 2022 and feels comfortable within the team, especially as he has gained more self-assurance.

“I know where I stand mentally and in terms of confidence. That’s what makes me happiest,” Albon told Crash.net.

“It’s not an easy sport, there’s always a bit of uncertainty and pressure in what we do. But I’m happy. I’m happy with the work I’m doing. Happy with the team I’m in.”

Albon aims to continue driving progress at Grove, and for now, at least, he maintains the patience necessary for the team to evolve: “Yes, that’s true. I think podiums and victories are not out of the question. Of course, we have to be realistic at the same time. My job at Williams is to get us to where we are.”

“I feel like I’m part of the team and have the responsibility to lead this team to the top. I have a lot of time ahead of me. I want to get started sooner rather than later. Most drivers don’t have patience anyway, but that’s where I see myself.”

“I want to see results quickly.”

Despite his patience, Albon acknowledges his desire to see performance improvements: “It’s hard to judge because I don’t think it’s about a timeframe. I think it’s just about seeing progress made. Obviously, if it’s small progress over a long period, that’s not really what I’m looking for.”

“I want to see results quickly, but I also have to be realistic about our situation as a team. When I look at the changes we’ve made from last year to this year, I see the impact they’ve had on the team. I’m sure James [Vowles] would be best to say.”

“The stress we’ve put the whole team through to bring about these huge changes to the car shows that we have a long way to go and that we can still improve. We still need to improve, and by 2026, I think all teams have a very similar narrative.”

“They want to have all the cards in their hand and tackle the new regulations as best they can. That’s what I see with Williams. I see what we’re doing. I’m very impressed and I like being part of this progress.”

Albon denies wanting to leave Williams at the end of his contract, which expires this year: “Well, we’ll see. It’s up to my manager to decide. In my mind, I’m happy to spend this year here. That’s where I see my future.”


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