Hamilton's Ferrari Switch A Father's Insight

Hamilton’s Ferrari Switch: A Father’s Insight


Revealing a pivotal moment in F1, Lewis Hamilton orchestrates a Ferrari move, a dream undisclosed even to his family.

Anthony Hamilton, father of Lewis, revealed that his son’s contract with Ferrari was largely orchestrated by the seven-time world champion himself.

Lewis Hamilton had disclosed a few days ago that he hadn’t even informed his parents about signing with Ferrari, with the sole person being notified the day before the signing being Toto Wolff, his current director at Mercedes F1.

Anthony Hamilton confirmed his son’s statements, although he was aware that something was happening behind the scenes.

“Somewhat, yes,” Anthony Hamilton responded when asked if it was true his son hadn’t even told his parents he was in talks with Ferrari.

Hamilton’s Dream Ferrari Move

Hamilton's Ferrari Switch: A Father's Insight

“I knew there had been discussions. But I was completely unaware of how far they had progressed, whether he intended to pursue them or not. The fact is, it’s his business. I always feel like I know what’s going on, but not in this case! But it’s his contract and his decision, no worries, it’s very personal when choosing such a new challenge.”

Hamilton began his F1 career in 2007 with McLaren, achieving world champion status for the first time the following season.

In 2012, he made his first “shock” team change decision, announcing he would become a Mercedes F1 driver starting in 2013.

Since then, Hamilton has achieved record success at Mercedes with six additional world titles, even though Anthony Hamilton stated that Ferrari was the greatest team, the one all drivers dream of racing for, marking a shared dream for him and his son.

When asked if Ferrari was part of their dreams as they climbed the ranks to F1, Anthony Hamilton said, “Yes, part of my dream, part of his dream.”

“You know, when you’re young, you always dream of racing for Ferrari.”

“And we love all the old teams, McLaren and Mercedes, but being in a red car is the ultimate dream.”

Hamilton’s Ferrari Switch: A Father’s Insight. Hamilton’s Ferrari Switch: A Father’s Insight


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