Ocon Mercedes Hamilton Successor f1 2025

Ocon Eyes Mercedes Seat, Could Succeed Hamilton


Esteban Ocon is in the spotlight as a potential successor to Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes F1 for 2025. With strong ties and high regard from the team, he’s a top candidate for Wolff.

Ocon confirms his ties with Mercedes F1, could he replace Hamilton? He is among the favorites on Toto Wolff’s list. Esteban Ocon is one of the drivers linked to Mercedes F1 to replace Lewis Hamilton in 2025.

Well-known and highly appreciated by the German team and Toto Wolff, the manager, the Frenchman is, obviously, with his additional experience, at the top of the list, especially since he is still managed by Mercedes and his contract with Alpine F1 ends at the season’s close.

During today’s A524 presentation, the Frenchman was asked about the emerging speculations.

Ocon Reacts to Hamilton’s Ferrari Move

“I’ve always had strong ties with Mercedes. I’m still somewhat a Mercedes junior driver (via the contract). It’s always been that way, even though I’m not so junior anymore. I’m still under contract with them at some point.”

“So, that’s how it is. We’ll see. For now, I’m totally dedicated to Alpine. That’s my focus.”

“I have to do good work on track, as always. Every year is a crucial year in F1 because it doesn’t matter if you have a contract or not. If you’re not at the top level, you can be out. That’s how it is.”

“If you do a good job, there will always be discussions, rumors, and good things for you. As long as people are talking about you, it means what you’re doing on track is good.”

Ocon also admits to being surprised by Lewis Hamilton’s upcoming transfer to Ferrari at the end of the year.

“I think the news definitely surprised everyone. Nobody expected something like this during the winter because it’s usually quite a calm period, but it doesn’t seem to be a calm period this winter.”

Ocon Mercedes Hamilton Successor F1 2025. Ocon Mercedes Hamilton Successor F1 2025

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