Ocon's Concerns Over Slow 2024 Alpine F1 Car

Ocon’s Concerns Over Slow 2024 Alpine F1 Car


Esteban Ocon expresses concerns about Alpine F1‘s 2024 model, hinting at performance issues. The team faces challenges after a difficult 2023 season, including a failed FIA crash test.

Esteban Ocon is already concerned that the new Alpine F1 for 2024 might be “a bit slow.”

This worrying news comes from the struggling team based in Enstone and Viry, following a tumultuous 2023 season. There are rumors that, like the Red Bull RB20, the A524 failed a mandatory FIA crash test.

Alpine F1 has announced it will publicly unveil its 2024 F1 car on February 7th. The event will coincide with the reveal of Alpine’s new hypercar for the World Endurance Championship, featuring new recruit Mick Schumacher.

The team will be without long-time engineer and manager Alan Permane, who is rumored to be moving to AlphaTauri.

Regarding the 2024 car, Sky commentator David Croft reveals that “Esteban told me before Christmas that the 2024 car was a bit slow” during simulator testing.

This is an alarming statement, but the French driver still hopes Alpine can mimic Aston Martin’s 2023 feat by making a significant leap forward this season with the final aerodynamic developments, which are still undergoing tests.

“I don’t know if it’s realistic and, to be honest, I don’t care, but that’s what we have to aim for. That’s what we need to target. We’re not going to start the new year thinking otherwise. Because otherwise, we’d never be winners.”

Alpine F1’s 2024 Model: Can Ocon’s Concerns be Answered. Alpine F1’s 2024 Model: Can Ocon’s Concerns be Answered

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