Alpine F1 Team A524

Alpine F1 Team reveals the A524 as their 2024 season challenger


After several weeks of teasing, Alpine F1 unveiled its A524 and the liveries that will adorn it during the 2024 Formula 1 season. The French constructor is evolving its visual identity and its ties with sponsor BWT, which has brought the pink color since 2022.

The livery will be blue, pink, and black, with a prominent carbon dominance. BWT logos are still plentiful, and the Pantone-designed motifs decorate this predominantly black car. As for the pink livery (pictured below), which will be featured several times according to Bruno Famin, it will also have a predominantly black decoration, but the blue motifs will turn pink.

This Wednesday, the true A524 was revealed, the new single-seater manufactured in Enstone and powered by the hybrid turbo V6 from Viry-Châtillon.

“It’s a very special moment, we’re going to reveal our two cars, and it’s Pierre’s birthday, happy birthday Pierre!” said Bruno Famin, interim team principal since the departure of Otmar Szafnauer, who shared his story with motorsport.

“It all started when I was 10 years old, and I tried to work hard and study engineering to get into motorsport. The dream came true, I won Le Mans, I won the Dakar, I won Pikes Peak, and I am especially happy to lead this project in Formula 1.”

Famin also emphasized the importance of the F1 and WEC programs for the Renault group: “We are very proud to transfer technology from the track to the road. And for that, I thank the CEO of the Renault group, Luca de Meo, who is with us today. I also thank Philippe Krief, the CEO of Alpine.”

Two operations directors in Enstone and Viry

Alpine has understood how to evolve, as Famin explains: “First of all, we knew how to criticize ourselves, we understood the challenges, and we worked on the solutions. We found energy, we found solutions, and we want to generalize this within the team.”

“When I became team principal in 2023, we focused on the on-track team, and we made progress. But there is still room for improvement throughout the team, and that will be my priority within the team.”

Alpine will establish a director of operations role in both factories: “We have decided to create two new roles, a director of operations, to oversee daily operations, and this way I will have more time to focus on my role as team principal and vice president of motorsport.”

John Woods will be at Enstone, and Audrey Vastroux will be at Viry. She already holds the position of director of operations at Viry, and I am confident that we will see progress because of them.

Alpine F1 Team A524 2024. Alpine F1 Team A524 2024. car Alpine F1 Team A524 2024.

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