Ocon Alpine Saudi Performance

Ocon’s Apology Reflects Alpine’s Saudi GP Struggle


After qualifying 17th in Saudi, Alpine F1’s Esteban Ocon expressed regret, highlighting the team’s ongoing performance challenges.

Esteban Ocon qualified 17th for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and the Alpine F1 driver simply said “sorry” over the radio to his engineer. When asked about the reason for this comment, he explained what it meant, especially the disappointment of not having made almost any progress.

“I’m sorry that we are still so far behind,” the Frenchman told Canal+. “We are all disappointed with the result, we thought we would do better and we end up in the same position or almost as in Bahrain. It’s not enough, I haven’t done enough, the team hasn’t done enough, and we lack performance. That was why.”

But Ocon does not give up in view of the race: “Of course, we will go there to fight, as in every race. We will try to get a good start and then fight, we will have a good top speed and we will try to use it.”

Pierre Gasly will share the ninth row of the grid despite a ninth place in practice yesterday, and he too admits disappointment, especially because he didn’t understand the behavior of his car.

“I had a good first run, I did a good lap, but in the second run, I slide from the rear, and it also happens in the second and fourth corners. So, we are going to check because we don’t know what is happening. But in terms of performance, we are far from Q2,” regrets Gasly.

“We are aware of it, everyone is trying to find solutions. But we can’t bring them so quickly so we have to try to do the best with the car, it’s complicated but we will give everything tomorrow and see what is possible.”

The CEO of the Renault group, Luca de Meo, is present in Jeddah, and they discussed the situation: “Of course, we talked and we are all very aware of our situation. No one is satisfied to see us so far behind, Luca first, and he is working on making changes to the team and finding solutions.”

“F1 takes time and we will have to be patient, I don’t want to have the same speech every weekend. But in the meantime, we will try to learn as much as possible about the car to extract as much performance as possible.”

Ocon Alpine Saudi Performance. Ocon Alpine Saudi Performance


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