Tsunoda Q3 Confidence Jeddah

Yuki Tsunoda Assures Q3 Spot, Elevates Confidence in Jeddah


Yuki Tsunoda celebrates a strategic leap into Q3, securing a ninth-place start in Jeddah, marking a pivotal confidence boost.

Yuki Tsunoda managed to reach Q3, the RB F1 driver qualifying ninth in Jeddah. He did not hide his satisfaction after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix qualifying, acknowledging that this result has boosted his confidence.

“We did it! I’m very happy today. The team did a fantastic job by giving me a great car, and I enjoyed myself, so a big thank you to everyone,” Tsunoda stated. “We expected it to be challenging, but I focused on myself to extract as much performance as possible from the car.”

“I’m pleased to have put everything together. It’s the first Q3 of the year, and it gives us extra confidence for the future. I had a lot of fun today, but tomorrow will not be easy, so now we are focusing on the race, and I’m sure we can score points.”

Daniel Ricciardo faced a setback from his teammate, qualifying only 14th after a session he did not enjoy: “Qualifying was very frustrating. Compared to Bahrain, where I was more frustrated because I knew there was more time to be found, today was a bit more mysterious.”

“I know where the time was, but I don’t know how we could have gotten it in that session. I was confident going into qualifying and felt good in the car, but I made a mistake on the second fast lap. Nevertheless, we were still in the fight.”

“Once in Q2, everyone was improving their lap times, but I felt like I couldn’t extract more from what I had, and we hit a ceiling. It wasn’t a matter of understeer or oversteer, but rather a lack of grip compared to others.”

“Hats off to Yuki, he did a great job! Thinking about tomorrow, I have some points to analyze, so we will look into that and hopefully find more performance for the race.”

Tsunoda Q3 Confidence Jeddah. Tsunoda Q3 Confidence Jeddah


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