Norris Expresses Frustration Tired of Not Winning

Norris Laments Lost Victories: “We Must Win Now”


Lando Norris openly criticizes his and his team’s performance, highlighting missed opportunities and a strong desire for immediate wins.

Lando Norris was once again brutally honest about his performance at the end of the Grand Prix today at Silverstone.

He believes he missed winning in Great Britain, his home country, due to cumulative errors from himself and his team.

Norris was still devastated in front of the cameras before leaving the circuit.

“I’m quite disappointed, I didn’t do a good job with my decisions, with the times we came in. It’s just… I don’t know what to say, there are a lot of very good things, a lot of things are in place, but we’re not executing as we should, and we’re not at the level of the others right now so we need to work on that.”

At what point does he see mistakes already?

“I need to review the race, we need to discuss it with the team to find out how to do a better job. It’s disappointing when you throw away a victory, some more than others. But on the team’s side and my side, we need to do a good job. Today, there were two decisions to get right and I didn’t make them.”

He specifically thinks about the choice to finish the race on softs instead of mediums.

“Lewis was on the track, he won the race with these tires. It’s not a bad decision, but we are bad on soft tires as a team. Simply because of the balance of the car and how it functions.”

“We have always been bad with this type of tires, Mercedes has always been very good, so I had almost no chance of beating them. I expected to come out ahead of the Mercedes, that wasn’t the case, but even if I had come out in front, I wouldn’t have won the race because we were too slow.”

“So… I don’t know.”

“I know, it’s a podium at the British GP, but I’m tired of saying I should have done better and that I should have done this and that I could have done that, or whatever else.”

“I don’t care if it takes time, I don’t want it to take time. I should be doing it now, we should be winning now. I should be making better decisions than the ones I’m making.”

Is he already thinking about Hungary? About other upcoming battles?

“Oh yes, like many others, Oscar too. Oscar and George. There are many of us fighting. So, yes, I expect there to be good battles, I’m sure. Ferrari will get it together at some point and come back.”

“But clearly, we were also not fast enough today. I think when it was completely dry, Mercedes was much faster, and in wet conditions, we might have seemed a bit better, so we have work to do.”

“We still had a weekend where we were clearly the fastest. We’ve always been there or thereabouts and we need to keep working as a team. I need to keep working on my own stuff.”

“And try to put everything together because there are also a lot of positives, you see I can be a bit optimistic too! There are so many good things and so many things in place. But it’s frustrating when several times this season we’ve given away something that should have been ours as a gift to others.”

Norris Expresses Frustration Tired of Not Winning

Norris Expresses Frustration: “Tired of Not Winning” Norris Expresses Frustration: “Tired of Not Winning”


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