Hamilton Edges Norris with Sharp F1 Strategy

Hamilton’s 104th Win: Strategy and Grit Prevail


In a strategic triumph, Lewis Hamilton secures his 104th F1 win, narrowly outpacing Lando Norris at the pivotal moment.

Lewis Hamilton rediscovered the path to victory at Silverstone yesterday, marking his first Formula 1 win since the 2021 season.

The Mercedes F1 driver thus claimed his ninth home win, setting a new record at the same track, and naturally provided the highlight story of the weekend.

“Someone just told me it’s been 946 days or something since the last win. And, you know, it’s really a challenge, it’s been a tough time obviously since 2021 with a car that we haven’t been able to compete with for the last two years. I think it’s been incredibly difficult mentally but everyone in the team has continued to work hard, I’ve managed to keep a cool head, and then with everything that’s happened this year, with so much emotion, obviously announcing that I was leaving and at the same time starting with a car that we didn’t feel capable of winning with, to finally be in a position where we win and not only that, but at the British Grand Prix in front of my home crowd, there’s… Honestly, it’s an incredible honour to stand on the top step of the podium and hear my national anthem. It’s the first time that’s happened. And then my family is there.”

The crowd roared their joy during the final laps as it became increasingly clear that Hamilton was on track for success, and the British driver paid tribute to them.

“The car is so loud, it’s so hard to hear them, but I could see the fervour and feel it. You know, when you go through turn 7, which is very long, and you see the guys on the left, or in the last two turns, you can also see this incredible crowd, or at turn 15. It’s really, really an amazing feeling to be on this track. It’s the best circuit for me, personally. I think it’s the best circuit in the world. But there are also the fans at Stowe. That turn is incredible.”

The undercut on Norris was “the key” to this success

This victory was achieved under particularly difficult conditions, as the track was dry, wet, and then drying. And Hamilton is pleased that his F1 was performant in all cases, especially during the last stint.

“I had understeer at the end of the first stint, but I was managing, because we didn’t know what was going to happen with the weather. Actually, I was planning to go very far. I was supposed to last much longer than George. He had a very good pace, and he was trying, obviously, to keep me out of his DRS. And then I saw the rain coming. And when the rain came, I knew it was time to pounce. And then the McLarens arrived. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t understand how they had managed to generate so much heat in their tires, or maybe it was due to aerodynamics or something else. But I tried to hang on. And then obviously, the last stint, I think we managed it perfectly. Coming out ahead of Lando was really the key and the team did an excellent job with the pit stop as well.”

“The conditions were truly tricky because it was wet from turn 14 to turn 15, then dry in patches, with turn 9 being dry. The whole left side had graining and I’m pretty sure Lando did too. Initially, it was really difficult to close the gap. Then I obviously started to close the gap on him. But I think with these tyres, it was literally… It started to dry and it was just about trying to find the right timing. And I think if Lando had stopped before us, it would have been very, very, very hard to pass. And I think the moment I came out of turn 15, where I went in and he stayed out, I knew that was the moment I was going to get a chance to pull away.”

“And after that, I was able to keep him behind me. I saw him in my mirrors coming out of a particular turn and he was just there. Occasionally, he would do a very fast lap and I couldn’t keep up with their pace. And then at the end, obviously, when Max started to close in, I was trying to maintain a three-second gap. And the tyres started to give out a bit towards the end. I think it was the perfect distance for a stint. If we had had five more laps, I don’t know if we would have made it, but I’m grateful we did.”

Mercedes F1 thus clinched two consecutive victories after the one achieved by Russell in Austria, a feat not seen since 2021.

“Yes, I am extremely grateful to all the team members. I think it’s a nod to everyone. Niki (Lauda) would certainly tip his hat to them, but to all those who continued to work hard, all those who, in the garage, kept showing up every weekend and didn’t get discouraged by the results. I think George’s win last week was incredible, but it wasn’t due to pure pace and I think this weekend, for the first time, we got it through pure pace.”

The next race will take place in Hungary, where Hamilton has won eight times. Can he aim for a ninth victory at this track as early as this year?

“You know, I love Hungary. So I’m really looking forward to going there. It’s also due to the trajectory we’re on and the fact that, you know, the car is really starting to come to life.”

Hamilton Edges Norris with Sharp F1 Strategy

Hamilton Edges Norris with Sharp F1 Strategy Hamilton Edges Norris with Sharp F1 Strategy


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