Emotions High as Hamilton Clinches Victory

Bono’s Silence Signal: Lewis Hamilton’s Sure Win


Bono’s cryptic hint foreshadowed Hamilton’s win, stirring deep emotions in the team, especially Anthony Hamilton.

It was Peter Bonnington, the famous ‘Bono’, who joined Lewis Hamilton on the podium yesterday at Silverstone.

Lewis’s race engineer for so many years was, understandably, immensely emotional after this undeniably memorable victory on the English track. The two men were not on the verge of tears… since they had already cried on the cooldown lap!

“I wouldn’t say I cried, but there was something in my eye,” joked Bono right after the race.

What an emotion for him!

“It’s a moving moment. It’s been a long time. He and I have worked hard to try to come back.”

“Step by step. It took a lot until now.”

The synergy between Lewis Hamilton and his race engineer was crucial in the changing conditions at Silverstone. What made the difference in making all the right strategic choices? And in taking care of the softs in the last stint (much better than Lando Norris)?

“The feedback Lewis gave me, on the initial balance of the stint, was not very good,” continued Bono.

“We knew where we needed to adjust the car. I think we got the car in a very good position for the last stint, to allow him to push.”

“We knew the front left tire would be weak. So, it was essential to have enough front end to protect it. He does a good job. When it comes to the final straight, he’s the one who manages the tires and takes you to the end.”

Bono was very scared, of course, when he saw Max Verstappen catching up at the very end of the race. Were Lewis Hamilton’s softs going to hold up? Did Bono doubt the victory?

“I wouldn’t say zero doubt! But when he’s got the bit between his teeth… As soon as he told me to shut up, I knew it was ‘game on’!”

Anthony Hamilton, overwhelmed with emotion.

After the race, Anthony Hamilton also fell into his son’s arms.

Such emotion also between father and son, who have been through everything, including the barren period since Saudi Arabia 2021.

“It’s crazy, isn’t it? He was never going to give up.”

“It was a tenth here, a tenth there… No matter what was happening. Lewis controlled everything. There was absolutely no way – with the tires he had – to let this victory slip away for the British public. And that’s what drove him to continue.”

“You know, I always felt it. Lewis was second in qualifying. He was disappointed – ‘I could have done better,’ he told me after qualifying.”

“He goes home, focuses, and comes back. You know he has everything calculated.”

“He waited for the weather to change. And when it does, he’s in his element.”

“It’s great for the team, it’s great for the British public. I can’t believe it, I was moving up through the crowd and these guys are in shorts and t-shirts. They’re waiting for the British weather. But they’re still there. They don’t complain, they’re looking forward to a great weekend.”

“We’re proud to be able to offer them that. It’s important for the British public, but it’s also great for motorsport, isn’t it?”

Emotions High as Hamilton Clinches Victory

Emotions High as Hamilton Clinches Victory Emotions High as Hamilton Clinches Victory

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