Newey Mulls Future Amidst Ferrari Speculation

Newey Mulls Future Amidst Ferrari Speculation


Adrian Newey reflects on his future in F1 and possible shift to Ferrari, sparking widespread intrigue.

In Miami, Adrian Newey shared insights on his decision to leave Red Bull after confirming his departure from the F1 team, effective immediately concerning design roles, at the end of the season for race attendance, and at the end of the first quarter of 2025 for his definitive exit after completing the RB17 Hypercar project.

The Red Bull Technical Director will leave the team after nearly two decades of work in Milton Keynes, contributing to their transformation from a mid-grid team into a dominant force in F1.

Newey has not yet confirmed his plans for the future as rumors swirl about a potential move to Ferrari. However, numerous teams have reached out, including Williams.

Newey Mulls Future Amidst Ferrari Speculation

“It’s been 18 years, and it’s been an incredible journey starting at Red Bull as a very young team, the ashes of Jaguar, and being involved with Christian in building a top team.”

“Honestly, when I arrived, I had no idea where we were going to end up. It was quite a significant risk for my career. It has been an incredible adventure since then, and it was an immense honor to work with all the extraordinary guys and girls at the factory. And with the racing team, it’s been simply fabulous.”

When asked why he was leaving, at the beginning of what appears to be another dominant year for Red Bull, he admits to feeling some fatigue and the need for a break.

“Formula 1 consumes everything, all your energy.”

“I’ve been doing this for a long time now. 2021 was a very busy year because of the tight battle with Mercedes throughout the championship and, at the same time, the investment of all the research and development into the RB18, which is the mother of this generation of cars.”

“I don’t know. There comes a time, I think, where I feel, as Forrest Gump said, ‘I’m a bit tired.’ I need a break.”

“I need some time now, to be honest, it happened during the winter.”

“As events unfolded this year, I thought I was in a very fortunate position because I don’t need to work to live. I work because I love it. I just felt it was the right time to take a step back, take a little break, reassess life, and go on a journey.”

With the possibility of moving to Ferrari considered a possibility after meeting Ferrari boss Fred Vasseur while on his way to the Miami Grand Prix, Newey confirmed that he does not yet have any clearly defined plans.

“I think with Amanda, my wife, and the dogs, we’re probably going to travel in a motorhome or something of that sort and cross France and just enjoy life.”

“So maybe at some point, I don’t know when, I’ll be in the shower and I’ll say, ‘Well, that’s going to be the next adventure,’ but for now, there are no clear plans.”

Adrian Newey admitted he was “very flattered” by Lewis Hamilton’s comments regarding the possibility of the designer joining him at Ferrari next season.

“It’s very kind of Lewis to say that. I’m very flattered. For now, it’s just a little break to see what happens next.”

The timing leaves him the opportunity to join another F1 team in time to produce an F1 for the new regulations coming in 2026. He admitted that he had enjoyed such challenges in the past.

“I appreciate regulatory changes, that’s for sure. This current set of regulations is the biggest regulatory change we’ve seen since 1983, when flat-bottomed F1 cars were introduced.”

“I really enjoyed the challenge of all the research and detailed design of the RB18. The next two cars are evolutions of that car, and next year’s car will be the third evolution of this car.”

“So it has been a fantastic series, and I was surprised to see all that was in these cars and these rules, actually. When I first looked at the regulations, I wasn’t so sure, but it turned out to be fun.”

Newey Mulls Future Amidst Ferrari Speculation

Newey Mulls Future Amidst Ferrari Speculation. Newey Mulls Future Amidst Ferrari Speculation

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