Horner Confirms Newey to Pause Before Next Move

Horner Confirms: Newey to Pause Before Next Move


Red Bull’s Horner reveals Adrian Newey will deliberate before choosing his next F1 venture.

Amid rumors about which Formula 1 team Adrian Newey might join next, given his recent meetings with Fred Vasseur (Ferrari) in London and conversations with James Vowles (Williams), Christian Horner has expressed his belief that the renowned designer is not in a hurry to sign with a rival team.

“No doubt his phone has been ringing! It’s not just Ferrari or Williams; in my opinion, the whole paddock has called Adrian,” admitted the Red Bull Racing team principal.

“I think he’s going to take some time first and think about… he’s 65 now.”

“I believe he’s earned the right to take some time off and spend it with his wife and family. That’s what he really wants to do.”

“Then, if he decides he wants to take on another challenge in Formula 1, why not? Who knows?”

“What’s ironic is that Adrian has always hated every regulation change! 2026 is unique because it involves both chassis and engine regulations. But the world is very different today, with a cost cap and resource restrictions.”

Horner also paid tribute to Newey’s career so far.

“Adrian has had such a wonderful career. He has worked hard over the past 30 years… seven years with Williams, seven years with McLaren, and then he did his best work during 20 years with us.”

“Talking to him, he has reached a point where the team is in great shape, we are performing at such a high level, I believe it’s the right time for him to step back, to take some time away from F1.”

“He will still work on our RB17, the track car we are designing, but he felt it was time to take a break.”

Newey’s departure will undoubtedly be a significant blow to Red Bull.

“Adrian is a tremendous engineer. He’s always in pursuit of that performance, those challenges—he pushes the boundaries. But more than anything, I will miss his camaraderie. We’ve shared many highs and lows over the last 18 years, and he has been right beside me on the pit wall all that time.”

“There have been, what, 117 victories and quite a few world championships along the way. There have been some lows! But, you know, the camaraderie will definitely be missed.”

“However, the impact will be cushioned. Our pillars are in place for the future, the technical team has long-term contracts. We’ve been thinking about this moment for some time.”

“It was always going to happen at some point, and I think the structure we’ve put in place, which Adrian has helped transform and shape into what it is now, is well positioned to take over and continue to produce fantastic F1 cars, as we always have.”

Horner Confirms Newey to Pause Before Next Move

Horner Confirms: Newey to Pause Before Next Move. Horner Confirms: Newey to Pause Before Next Move

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