Alonso Slams F1 Sprint as Useless Urges Reassessment

Alonso Slams F1 Sprint as ‘Useless’, Urges Reassessment


Amid expanding the F1 sprint format, Fernando Alonso criticizes its current structure and utility, urging a thorough reassessment.

Formula 1 drivers continue to oppose the controversial sprint weekend format.

As discussions about expanding the concept from six to 12 Grand Prix in 2025 continue, the revised format recently debuted in Shanghai and is up for contention again in Miami.

“It was a bit strange in China to have a sprint race and then prepare again for the qualifiers,” admitted McLaren driver Oscar Piastri.

Sergio Perez added that “opening the parc fermé is good for the rest of the weekend but it puts a lot of stress on the mechanics. Moreover, we realize that if there is an accident in the Sprint, even a minor one, it compromises your chance to revisit your settings.”

“Nobody takes too many risks during the Sprint.”

This point was also highlighted by Fernando Alonso, adding the FIA factor. He was heavily penalized by the stewards for a clash with Carlos Sainz during the recent Shanghai sprint.

Aston Martin appealed the decision with a right to review, but in Miami, it was rejected.

“The decision surprises us,” said team principal Mike Krack, “but now we must move on. We are now in Miami, we have another sprint weekend and we need to look forward.”

However, Alonso remained furious about the situation even after qualifying eighth in Miami’s sprint qualifiers on Friday.

“We will see what we can learn for the race, but the sprint is pointless.”

“There are very few points at stake and they don’t let us race because they keep penalizing us. It will therefore be a boring day from the outside – we will be in the DRS train but at least we will collect some useful information for the race.”

“We did not do long stints in practice and the sprint means nothing. Especially since we cannot fight or anything like that. We receive penalties for everything we do.”

“And you must not damage the car otherwise you learn nothing for the qualifiers and the race. This F1 Sprint concept is useless in this sense.”

Alonso Slams F1 Sprint as Useless Urges Reassessment

Alonso Slams F1 Sprint as ‘Useless’, Urges Reassessment. Alonso Slams F1 Sprint as ‘Useless’, Urges Reassessment

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