F1 Consensus Emerges Points to 12th Place

F1 Consensus Emerges: Points to 12th Place?


F1 bosses are aligning on a new scoring system that could extend points down to the 12th place, revolutionizing race strategies.

Should points no longer be awarded just to the top 10, but to the top 12 of each Grand Prix? Should the point gaps between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd be reduced (perhaps to diminish the dominance of a single team during the season)?

These discussions are ongoing and stem from three characteristics of this year: on one hand, Max Verstappen and Red Bull continue to dominate; on the other hand, the top 10 positions seem almost locked by 5 teams; finally, contemporary cars are very, very reliable.

What do the F1 teams think? They are the ones who will decide (though a majority of teams is sufficient to carry the vote).

As a mid-grid team, it is not surprising to see that RB F1, through its boss Laurent Mekies, supports distributing points up to the top 12.

“We believe it’s a good idea to expand the points distribution, primarily because there are no longer any stragglers. We have ten very strong teams. This year is a good example. We have a fantastic battle in the second half of the grid, with 10 cars fighting within one or two tenths of each other. And, you know, our pole position is currently 11th place. Our victory is at 11th place. If nothing happens at the front, and the reliability of the guys at the front has been… extraordinary. So we think it’s a fantastic struggle.”

“We want to explain this to the fans. We want to explain it to our partners and we believe that points will help to give value to this 11th place, which today is a victory for us. So we are totally in favor of extending the points system. But I think the level of competitiveness among teams is so high today that the fight in the mid-grid or at the back of the grid also deserves points.”

Mike Krack, the boss of Aston Martin F1, would he see it favorably for other teams to score points beyond the 10th place (the normal place for Lance Stroll on a Grand Prix weekend)?

“Yes, I agree. I think the system needs to be reviewed. We also have a new fan base. We are no longer the purists we have been for many years. So I think it really is time to look into this. Personally, you always have to fight for something, wherever you are.”

“Much like Laurent mentioned, we obviously should not be too influenced by this year’s situation, as next year might be different from the following year. But I think there was a good consensus within the F1 Commission to say that we want to make an adjustment, but that we must not rush, because we do not want to change it again later. So it’s important that we think it through well and then discuss different proposals next time.”

Vowles Advocates for Points Across the Entire Grid

At Williams F1, it’s no surprise that James Vowles, the team principal from the back of the grid, supports awarding points to the first 12 drivers… or even more!

“I think it’s wise to change. That’s exactly it. We just wondered where we were heading. Is it 12th, 14th, 16th place? Essentially, all the cars?”

“Regarding the points for the top three, I think my conclusion is that Verstappen has won by winning the most races. Whatever you do. He would have still ended up winning championships. It’s just a strength that they’ve found, the car and him, together. But I think there’s some common sense… There was a very good conversation about this at the F1 Commission, where the room was quite united in doing something good for the sport. But let’s take the time to do it right and do it just once.”

The consensus is also emerging at McLaren F1 with Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing: yes to modifying the points system. The American reminds us that with such a system, overtakes would count more on the track.

“I am supportive and in agreement with everything the guys have said. I think increasing the number of drivers scoring points will only create more excitement throughout the pack. So, we are in favor of more teams getting more points.”

“I would go up to the 12th place. I think there’s an argument for everyone. It would obviously be a real overhaul. But I think from the moment points come into play, every pass becomes more important. Sometimes, cars (outside the top 10) drop in pace, save some elements on their car, there are tire wears… they back off because they are out of the points. This would eliminate that issue. If a faster car is relegated to the back, each overtake counts.”

“So, I think there’s an argument to be made for perhaps giving points to the entire grid. Certainly, at least up to the 12th place. But I think, as James mentioned, we need to change things once, and that’s what we’ve agreed upon at the FIA Commission: let’s do a review, and all teams were of the same opinion, that expanding the points is a good thing to do.”

Here is the points scale that was reviewed last month:

PositionPoints (in 2024)Points (from 2025)
F1 Consensus Emerges Points to 12th Place

F1 Consensus Emerges: Points to 12th Place?. F1 Consensus Emerges: Points to 12th Place? F1 2024 F1 Consensus Emerges: Points to 12th Place?

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